Reliable Water matters

Broken pumps are broken promises.

Every good thing made possible by access to safe water depends on it being available every day – year after year. Sadly though, the promise of safe water has been broken many times in the past. Faulty and abandoned pumps are almost expected in places like Kenya.

That must change.

At The Water Project we’ve always taken pride in being one of the first to report transparently about your specific giving impact through photos, in-depth project descriptions, stories, GPS coordinates and follow-up updates. Now we are taking another leap forward, enabling even more robust monitoring and resolution to ensure that the promise of water keeps flowing.

Pouring Water Into Glass On Blue Background

The Water Project

Water for Those Who Need It Most

It all begins with a water project that impacts lives and unlocks potential. But you know life is not always that simple. Wells break down. And because serving people matters more than well points on a map, our most worthy investments will result in provably reliable water access over time.

Lifecycle Reporting

Every Gift Traced to a Project & People

As always, we’ll report back to you with photos, stories, and the GPS coordinates of your project so you can see the faces and read the stories of the people whose lives you’ve helped transform. But it can’t end there. We all need to know if water is still flowing in a month, a year, the year after that, and so…

The Dashboard

Your Well on This Screen

We’re making all of this data 100% public as we get it. On your project dashboard, you can see your project’s status at any time. Data will be uploaded as we receive it so you can track its functionality over time. We’ll use the data to ensure quicker maintenance and more reliable water service. For at least five years, you’ll get to check in and stand with us as we serve our neighbors through the challenges and triumphs to come!

100% Transparency. 100% Accountability. We’ll show everyone how it’s all working.

The Tech Inside

Simple and Sophisticated

Today, we’re already collecting data from our past projects through local teams equipped with smart phones. mWater enables us to collect, collate and evaluate the information our teams gather. Then, we act to fix any problems — because monitoring is useless without resolution.



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